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Private Certifiers & Building Surveyors for the Greater Newcastle Area – Buildingwise Certifiers

Buildingwise Certifiers is a locally owned and operated certification company, servicing Newcastle, the Hunter, and surrounding areas. We provide fast-track approvals and certificates, that are as hassle-free and stress-free as possible.

Buildingwise has a proven track record. Our head Private Certifier, Peter Moroney, has over 10 years of experience as a Private Certifier alone, and over 40 years of experience in the construction industry.

Our team understands what it is like to be in the shoes of Owners and Builders and the challenges they face. The Certification team has extensive experience getting their own building and construction jobs certified by others. We know the process from both sides of the fence.

Our Certifiers pride themselves on being approachable to all involved… Builders, Tradesmen, Designers and Owners, and we are happy to advise on how developments can comply with building requirements.

Whether this is your first time negotiating the construction industry, or just your first time using Buildingwise Certifiers, we would love to meet with you and chat about your project!

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Private Certifying and Building Surveyor Services

Complying Development Certificate

Fast Tracked Approval
No need for Council Approval

Construction Certificate

After you have DA Approval from Council

We can certify your development throughout the entire construction

Pool Compliance

When selling or leasing a property with a pool and need a Pool Compliance Certificate

Building Information Certificate BCA Audit Reports

When construction has been done without approval

NCC 2019 Compliance Reports

When you need a building code compliance report. National Construction Code.

Performance Solutions Reports

When you have a change of building method or building product

NCAT Court and Tribunal Reports

NCAT – NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. When you require an expert witness report.

Not Sure Which Approval You Require?

Give us a call on 02 4957 8186 and we can let you know which service is for you, or we could provide recommendations if it is for a service not performed by any side of Buildingwise.

Planning Advice

When you are unsure what you are allowed to build and how to get approval

I have had the occasion to engage Buildingwise in a number of constructions over the past decade.

They have always been prompt, professional and courteous in their conduct and reporting.

The important thing for me is knowing they are operating and advising always, with my best interests at heart… this is not something that I can say about many in the industry I have dealt with.

I will continue to use Buildingwise and have no hesitation in recommending them.

Tony Butterfield

Welcome to Buildingwise Certifiers Newcastle!


Welcome to the new website for Buildingwise Certifiers Newcastle.
The new home for your Private Certifying and Building Surveyor needs.


Buildingwise is a Principal Certifier that is able to certify new construction works on residential Class 1 & Class 10 buildings (e.g. dwellings, alterations & additions to existing dwellings, swimming pools, garages, granny flats, etc).


All certification services are performed by our A3 Accredited Certifier Peter Moroney Accreditation Number 1720.

We can certify residential properties in the Newcastle, Hunter Valley and Port Stephens areas.

Buildingwise makes the approval process as easy and as hassle-free as possible.


For more info, read on through to ‘The Certification Services We Offer‘,

… or click on CERTIFICATION FAQ’s‘ (Frequently Asked Questions).


To find out more about Peter and Buildingwise, go to the ‘About‘ page.


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