Peter Moroney attended the annual Australian Institute of Building Surveyors conference at Darling Harbour, Sydney, on the 24th & 25th of July 2017.

The conference included helpful information with many speakers discussing issues surrounding current problems in the Building Certification Industry.

One of the main issues is the non-conforming building products entering the Australian Building Industry. One of the problematic building products are the aluminium wall claddings used on many buildings in NSW. These wall claddings are similar to those used in the London Grenfell Towers fire disaster.

Senator Nick Xenophon spoke at the conference regarding this issue & Government enquires.

A serious problem that was also discussed is the mould & air quality in new constructions. This problem has arisen due to the new BASIX commitments that require new developments to be externally waterproofed with internal insulation for thermal requirements. When doing this, there has been no allowance provided for condensation to the underside of these external materials resulting in internal mould growth.

The State Government departments, such as the Building Professionals Board & NSW Planning & Environment also spoke to inform of recent updates to the members.

Overall, the conference was very informative in updating both Council & Private Sector Building Surveyors.